Revised Cloze Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (May 2018)

At Cloze, we take data protection very seriously. With the upcoming European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we wanted to make sure we go above-and-beyond what's necessary, to make it much easier for you to be in compliance with these new regulations.

New Features to help you comply with the GDPR

We have a wide range of features we've added to Cloze to help. You can find out more here.
All of these changes are available now in the web version of Cloze and will soon roll out on the mobile versions too.

Cloze is Privacy Shield certified

On the legal front, we're now Privacy Shield certified. If you are a European or Swiss business, or you hold personal information related to European or Swiss individuals, this means you can safely transfer data to Cloze in compliance with all EU and Swiss data protection requirements. You can read more about Privacy Shield at

Revised Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

As part of this, we've updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to ensure they are compliant with the GDPR and Privacy Shield requirements. Since the Cloze app has changed a lot since we last updated these, we also used this as an opportunity to simplify and clarify them.

To accept the new Terms of Service immediately, the next time you start Cloze hit the "I Accept" button beside the notification about the revised terms. Otherwise, for paid subscribers, these new Terms of Service will automatically come into effect on your next subscription renewal.

Here are the links to our revised Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: 

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