How do I connect an iCloud account with two-factor or two-step verification enabled?

App-specific passwords are a feature of two-factor or two-step verification for Apple ID. They allow you to sign in to your account securely when using apps that don't natively support two-step verification.

  • An iCloud email account is required to connect your iCloud Calendar and iCloud Reminders. You can create one in the Mail section of Even if you don't use the email account, it is used to connect. If you don't use iCloud email you can toggle if off in the Cloze Connected Accounts section of Settings.
  • Apple now requires all iCloud accounts to enable two-factor verification and an App-Specific password to connect to other apps. 
    You will need to create an App-Specific password on for use with Cloze. So even if you don't have two-factor on, you will need to enable it to connect iCloud to Cloze and other apps. This is an Apple policy change that recently went into effect on June 15, 2017.  Here are some instructions from Apple.

Once you have created your App-specific password for Cloze, please enter this new password instead. Click here for instructions on how to connect your iCloud account



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