How do I connect Twilio to Cloze?

Note:  The Twilio integration is included as part of the Cloze Business Gold and Platinum Plans.

Carriers like AT&T and Verizon, and services like iMessage and WhatsApp, don't let you automate sending text messages, but with Twillio you can. With Cloze Campaigns you can automatically send text messages using Twilio, Dialpad, or RingCentral. 

Connect Twilio to Cloze to get started with automatically sending text messages via a Cloze Campaign. Twilio sending activity is also logged into the timeline of each contact. 

Twilio also lets you forward both texts and calls to your real phone number. 

To connect your Twilio account to Cloze please follow the instructions below.

1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android) and lower left on

2.) Tap on Settings.

3.) Tap on Connected Accounts to expand the section. Then tap on the Add button and Select Phone.4.) Tap on the Connect button next to Twilio.

5.) Follow the instructions to connect Twilio to Cloze. 

If you have not already created an API Key in Twilio for use with Cloze you will need to do so. 

Create an API Key in Twilio 

 IMPORTANT NOTE: This secret is only shown ONCE. Make note of it and store it in a safe, secure location.

Copy the SID and Secret into the proper fields in Cloze and tap on Connect.

Twilio is now connected to your Cloze account. 

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