How do I track company originated leads?

It is common for agents to generate their own leads from their own sources while also receiving leads from their brokerage. In this scenario, agents expect their personal leads and other contacts to be private. But brokerages also need visibility into the status of the leads that they originate and distribute to their agents. 

Cloze includes a special custom field called "Lead Origin" that can be used to track leads originated by the brokerage. 

Role Permissions Control 

Only company-generated leads are shared and visible to the brokerage. 

What can the brokerage not see? 

What can the brokerage see?

  • No Personal Contacts or Communication:  Agent personal contacts and communication is not accessible by the brokerage in any way (ever - even if the agent leaves).
  • Company Generated Leads: Leads that come from brokerage sources are shared and visible to brokerage management (but not other agents). Company-generated leads are clearly identified in Cloze.
  • No Agent Owned Clients, Leads, or Communication: Agent leads and clients, and their communication, is not accessible by the brokerage in any way (ever - even if the agent leaves).

Using a Role Permission, this field also allows brokerages to track the status of leads they originate and assign to agents, without gaining access or visibility into agents' personal contacts and leads. 

Cloze Team Administrators can assign permissions to a group of Users by using Custom Roles, including the ability to see team-originated contacts (leads). 

Only Company Originated Leads are Visible in Team Lead Analytics

For teams, Cloze can also allow you to view analytics for only company-originated leads, while keeping each team member's private database private.  
This ensures your team members have the privacy they expect for their database and that the company has the visibility into company-generated leads that you need.  You can also view which team members are following up with leads and each lead's current Stage (status) to coach team members and understand how leads are progressing.
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