Lead Engagement Analytics

Lead Engagement Analytics helps you zero-in on the leads that are moving forward and those where engagement is low. Want to know which leads are not getting the attention they deserve? Lead Analytics shows you.

Cloze analyzes your email, calendar, calls and messages giving each one of your Leads a Cloze Score. The higher the Cloze Score, the higher the engagement with your Lead.

Tip: The more activity flowing in both directions (from you and back from the Lead) the higher the engagement so you'll need at least a two interactions to the person and two interactions back from them before your Engagement starts to rise. For example if you've emailed the Lead a few times, but she or he hasn't responded then the engagement will be low. But if you have had several meetings, calls and emails then engagement will be high. 

Please read this report from left to right to follow the flow from origination to qualification. People that are classified with the Stage Not Yet Qualified are considered a Lead. When you move a person from Not Yet Qualified to Potential they are considered qualified. 

Below the Lead Qualification section you will find a sortable table of your Leads. You may tap on any of the sections in the Lead Qualification diagram to filter the Leads table below. 

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