Sync Google Labels as Cloze Tags

With Google, you can group your Google Contacts with labels. When you connect your Google account, the labels you have organized your Google Contacts with will sync into Cloze as tags

This is a one-way sync, meaning that Tags added in Cloze will not sync from Cloze to Google.

  • For existing Cloze accounts that connected their Google account prior to this feature being available, new labels will only appear in Cloze as tags if the contacts are updated in Google (e.g. new contact information is added.)
  • New Cloze accounts will see all labels appear as tags on the initial sync. 
  • If you remove a label from Google, it will still appear in Cloze as a tag. It will not be removed.
  • If you remove a tag in Cloze, it might reappear from Google Contacts if the contact is modified in any way in Google.

Labels in Google Contacts will appear in Cloze as Tags.

The number of contacts with a specific tag in Cloze could differ from what is seen in Google due to contacts:

  • being archived in Cloze 
  • that came from a source other than Google being assigned that tag in Cloze 

Below is an example of a contact in Cloze with a Tag that is also a label in Google.

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