Getting Started with Tags

Tagging is a great way for you to label people, companies, projects, properties, and deals based on data you know about them. You can create and assign as many Tags as you see fit. 

Things to know

Here are some key things you should know about Tags.

  • Stages, Segments, Custom Fields, and Tags are the main organizational methods you’ll find in Cloze. Learn more about how they work together.
  • All Custom Fields are also Tags.
  • You can add as many Tags as you would like.
  • Tags are built for organizing across Segments.
  • While Stages and Segments are designed to help you track your process. Tags help you organize contacts regardless of where they are on their client journey with you. 


About Tags

Tags are like labels that allow you to organize People, Companies, Projects, Properties, and Deals. They are helpful when you are trying to organize People or Projects that span different Segments and want to share this classification with your team on Cloze.

Tap on Add Tags to search and an existing tag or create a new tag:

Think of Tags as labels for your People, Companies, Projects, Properties, and Deals. that help you stay organized. As you've worked with other services and apps, you might have used a tagging feature to categorize people or content. In Cloze, tags are a way for you to label, or categorize, People, Companies, Projects, Properties, and Deals based on the information you have about them.

Learn more about Tags:

How to use Tags

Tags are highly customizable and you can have as many as you would like. You might want to create a detailed tagging structure to organize all your People or Deals, or you might just need a few Tags as a simple way to identify some key people for a mailing list. Either way, Tags give you the flexibility to organize in Cloze. 

Stages, Segments and Next Steps are a great way to organize contacts on their journey to becoming a client. Each Stage and Segment combination helps you keep track. 

Tags are used when you want to organize contacts  outside of this customer or client journey. 

After you create tags and add them to your contacts, you can send mail merge emails to people with the same Tag directly to people organized with a specific Tag, or use search of a tag to selectively export contacts as needed or create mailing labels

Create and add Tags

There are a few ways to work with Tags. You can create and add Tags from a contact’s profile, or you can also import contacts and add and create and Tags to your entire import file at once.

The method you use for tagging contacts depends on what you’re doing and how many contacts with which you are working. For example, if you only need to tag a couple of people, you might choose to do that directly on their profiles. However, if you need to tag a large number of contacts, you might want tag your contacts in bulk. If you need to tag brand-new contacts, consider adding tags to your import.

Search by Tags

To view a list of your most commonly used Tags simply enter the hashtag symbol (#) in the search box along the top of the People, Company, or Project/Deal/Job/Property section. 

Type #[and then your Tag name].

In this example...

#holiday-card is entered in the search field

Custom Fields as a more structured alternative to Tags

Cloze also offers Custom Fields to help your further classify your People, Companies, Projects, Properties, and Deals. When enabled, Custom Fields appear in the Relationship section for People and Companies and in the Project (or Deal or Property) Status section. Custom Fields are also shared with your team members if you are using Cloze Business.  Custom Fields are highly recommended as an alternative to Tags when adding organizational structure around a specific relationship Segment. Learn more about Custom Fields here

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