With your RingCentral account connected to Cloze, all of your calls (both received and missed), voicemails, messages and faxes are automatically logged to your contacts.  Cloze will even automatically match incoming callers to existing contacts and display them on-screen, so you have the context you need and can easily add notes during the call. 

  • Make and receive calls through your RingCentral phone system while working in your Cloze account.
  • Click to dial phone numbers in any Cloze contact profile for fast dialing and eliminate misdials.
  • Existing Cloze contact profiles are instantly matched to incoming callers and displayed on the screen so have what you need at your finger tips. 
  • A new Cloze interaction is automatically created for each call, voicemail, message and fax. 
  • Use any RingCentral-enabled device: your desk phone, the RingCentral mobile app, or RingCentral for Desktop -- all options are logged to Cloze.