Work Week and Locale

In the Work Week and Locale section of Settings you can set:

  • When you work - set your work days, workday hours, weekend hours, and later today reminder time period. 
  • Your default country - change this to set your default country.
  • The locale for content and formatting - set this to match your preferred language of content and formatting of numbers and dates. 
  • Availability for Campaign Notifications - used in conjunction with the Presence setting and allows a user to set when they are available, when their shift ends, and when they are away.

Workdays, Workday Hours, Weekend Hours, and Later Today Reminder settings

Cloze has several different types of reminders to help you keep on top of your relationships:

Follow-up Reminders

  • Set reminders to follow up on important messages you send or receive so you never miss a follow-up again.
  • Reminders can be set to always alert you, or only alert you if no one responds.

Keep in Touch Reminders

All keep-in-touch reminders show up on the  Cloze Agenda. Cloze has three types of keep-in-touch reminders:

  • Automatic. Cloze will automatically surface people you haven't talked to recently that might still be important to keep in touch with.
  • Recurring. Cloze reminds you when you haven't talked to a Customer or Prospect recently. Go to More → Settings → Keep In Touch to change how often you're reminded.
  • Planned. You can schedule a reminder for any contact right from their profile. Go to the To Do tab and tap on Add To Do.

Use the Work Week settings to fine-tune when Cloze will prompt you.

You can set the days of the week, weekday hours, and weekend hours.

When you set a reminder to follow up on an important message you can say "Later Today". Use the settings here to specify how many hours later before Cloze prompts you when you say "later today".


  • Your Morning Briefing will be sent approximately one hour before the start of your day. 
  • Cloze will NOT trigger Keep in Touch reminders on days that are not selected. 
    • In the Work Week settings below, Keep in Touch reminders will not happen on Saturday and Sunday. 
    • Monday - Friday are selected as the Workdays so Keep in Touch reminders will happen during these days.
  • Cloze will also NOT trigger date-based anniversary field reminders on non-workdays. In the example settings below, a purchase or sale anniversary reminder will not trigger on Saturday or Sunday and will be deferred until the next workday. In this example, a date field-based reminder will be present on the Agenda on Monday. 

1.) Tap on More (...). 

Mobile: Tap on More in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android).

On your computer: Tap on More in the lower left on your computer ( 

2.) Tap on Settings.

Mobile: In the menu select Settings.

On your computer: In the menu select  Settings.

3.) Scroll down and tap on Work Week and Locale to expand the section.

4.) Set Workdays.

Tap on the days you work. You will receive your Keep in Touch reminders during the time window on the selected days. 

5.) Set Workday Hours.

Use the slider to set the start and end of your workdays. 

6.) Set Weekend Hours.

Use the slider to set the start and end of your weekend hours. 

7.) Set Later Today Reminder.

When you snooze something for "later today" this setting determines when we'll remind you again. 


Default Country and Locale for Content and Number and Date Formatting 

Typically you do not need to make changes to these settings. 

The combination of your Default Country and Locale for content and formatting set your language and number/date formatting for outbound communications (e.g. sending templates to your clients in their preferred language). 

8.) Set Default Country.

Your Default Country is set automatically based on your device location. This will also set the default country in Cloze for contacts that do not have a country already set. 

9.) Set Locale for content and formatting.

The  Locale for content and formatting will also be set to automatic by default and is not typically changed. 

If you live in a country with one common language but communicate with your clients in another language you may want to adjust the setting to your preferred language. 

Campaign Notifications

10.) Set Availability for Campaign Notifications.

The Campaign Notifications setting is used in conjunction with the Presence setting and allows a user to set when they are available, when their shift ends, and when they are away. Users' availability can be integrated into lead routing rules and lead distribution ponds, so leads are only routed to users that are currently available. This setting needs to be enabled by a team administrator.

Once the setting is enabled, a user will see the option to set their availability. You need to toggle this setting each day to make yourself available. Once you reach the end of your shift, you will be marked as Away.

More details are available here

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