How do I prepare my CSV Properties, Projects or Deals file before I upload it into Cloze?

You can import Properties, Projects or Deals using a CSV (comma separated value) file. If your import file is from another system you will need to check each column header first. Please see the instructions and column header names below. 

Importing Tips

  • Contact for a sample spreadsheet
  • Check all columns in your original CSV and make any necessary to changes to map them to their equivalent name in Cloze following the instructions below. 
  • All upload records (each row) must contain at least 
    • an App ID and App Unique ID combination, or
    • an involved person's email address (e.g. client's email address)
  • After you've prepared your CSV, upload a small sample file of 2-3 rows of contact information to make sure everything is imported as expected.
  • Contact support by clicking on the orange "Help and Feedback" button below if you have questions, before you upload. 
  • Add App Links to add a shortcut back to other systems from Cloze. App Links also enable you to re-import the same file again without creating duplicates.

Before you import your Projects you'll need to prepare your CSV spreadsheet. 

In this example below the spreadsheet has several column headings that need to be mapped to the equivalent name in Cloze before this CSV file can be imported. You will need to check and change each column of your original file to make sure it matches the appropriate import field in Cloze.

Scroll down this page for a complete list of all column header fields available to map your information to in Cloze.

With the updated column names the CSV file is now ready to be imported into Cloze.

Here is a complete list of Column Headers available for your import CSV. Not all are required, but are included to provide flexibility. 



  • Potential
  • Active
  • Done
  • Lost


  • This sets Project or Deal (or any what you have customized). 

Next Step

Keywords are like tags and allow you organize People, Projects, Deals or Companies. Keywords are helpful when you are trying to organize your Projects or Deals across many traits or characteristics. For example you might want to use a keyword for a product line or track a lead source.

When importing Keywords please separate each keyword by a comma and replace extra characters and spaces with a dash. Other characters such as periods, slashes, ampersand etc will be replaced with a space and create two keywords. 

Please read more about creating and searching with Keywords here.


The following column headers may be used for importing Projects or Deals into Cloze. 

Name (maps to Deal / Project Name field)
Title (also maps to Deal / Project Name field)
All Keywords

Record Type

Next step

Cloze ID

App ID
App Unique ID
App Name
App Content URL

Involved Person 1 (must be an email address)
Involved Person 2 (must be an email address)
Involved Person 3 (must be an email address)
Involved Person 4 (must be an email address)
Involved Person 5 (must be an email address)

Team Member 1 (must be an email address)
Team Member 2 (must be an email address)
Team Member 3 (must be an email address)
Team Member 4 (must be an email address)
Team Member 5 (must be an email address)

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