How do I search by contact Tags?

Tags (formerly known as keywords) are like labels that allow you to organize People, Companies, Projects, Properties, and Deals. They are helpful when you are trying to organize People or Projects or Deals that span different Segments. Tags can be added in bulk to many contacts at once while importing a spreadsheet

Tip: Type "Help" in the search box for some search examples based on your contacts. 

To search by Tags you'll first need to add a Tag to a contact. 

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create a new Tag

After you have created your Tag you can then search for it. 

You can search for the Person or Project or Deal based on the tags you entered.

Type #[and then your Tag name].

In this example...

#holiday-card is entered in the search field

Tap on the People section and then enter #[your Tag] in the search box.


Use "or" operators to return people with either Tag.

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