How do I track next steps in my Project and Deals?

Add Next Steps to Project and Deals to help you keep track of what you've done and what you have left to do. Think of Next Steps as repeatable checklists that you can write once and reuse. 

Next Steps are an extension of the higher level Stages—they should mirror your workflow and all of the things you need to get done to move to the next Stage. 

For example, you might have specific steps you walkthrough for each active project. Or in sales, you might follow a specific sales process for potential customers.

Set these up as Next Steps and you'll always know what steps are done, and you'll be reminded to follow up on the next thing you have to get done — automatically.

Please follow the instructions below to add your own Steps. 

1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android) and lower left on

2.) Tap on Settings 

3.) Scroll down to the Customizations and tap on Deals to expand the section.

4.) In the Customizations section scroll down to People, Projects (or Deals or another label you may have used). 

5.) Tap on the Add Step link to add your first Step and repeat for each Step you would like to track. 

Tip: Cloze has two Styles of Next Steps

Next Steps can either act like a Process, where steps should be done in sequence, or like a Task List, where steps can be done in any order. 
  1. With a Process, as you mark steps done, you automatically advance to the next step. 
  2. With a Task List, you can mark steps done in any order, but you need to manually pick which step is the next step.

Swipe to the left to mark steps as done. 

  • In process mode, Cloze will automatically advance to the next step.
  • In Task List mode, you can select another step as needed. 

Process Mode:

Completing a step automatically advances to the next step. You can manually advance to another step by selecting the next step. 

Task List Mode:

Tap on the checkmark next to each step to mark it done. After you complete a step you will need to select the next step to be completed. 

In this example, the current step is "Negotiation / Agree on Price". To mark it done, we will tap on the checkmark next to the step name. To set the next step we will tap on the step name (on the left). 

6.) Tap on the gear icon to edit the Step name and add a reminder.

7.) You can have Cloze remind you a few days after each Step. For each step you can set a reminder time and a custom template.

In this example, you would be reminded 10 days after your "Invoice" step.

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