Evernote Overview

Cloze is like a personal assistant for your professional relationships with Evernote built in.

All your notes are linked into your contacts' history. There’s no manual tagging of notes or changes to the way you use Evernote. Cloze analyzes the content of all your notes to find out what people and companies a note refers to, so it can automatically link the note to the right contact.

Cloze supports Evernote Professional and Evernote Teams. 

With Evernote Professional and Evernote Teams, if you take a picture Cloze find references to contacts within the contents of the picture, so it can automatically link the picture to the right contact.

You can also:

Tip:  Cloze will automatically match a note to a Person, Company, Project or Deal if the Evernote note includes:
  • their First Name and Last Name   
  • their email address
  • a company name
  • a project or deal name (Note: Project or Deal names must be two words or longer)
Any of these can be included in the Evernote subject, body or tag and Cloze will automatically link them to the appropriate person, company, project or deal. You can work directly in Evernote and your notes will be linked on your next Cloze sync. 
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