How does Cloze help with my meetings?

For every meeting on your agenda, Cloze creates a briefing document about the attendees.

  • Cloze shows you every email and document you've exchanged with attendees, notes about them, upcoming meetings and action items, as well as what they are saying on social media.
  • Cloze highlights recent changes to the attendee list or attendee status so you don't miss when key people back out or get added to your meeting.
  • Cloze also provides quick action email templates before, during and after your meetings to make communicating with attendees easy. Tap or swipe to the right to send one of these emails. 

Cloze currently supports Google Calendar, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, iCloud and Yahoo! Calendars - with more types of calendars coming soon. 

Click here for instructions on how to check your Calendar settings. Tap on any meeting on your Agenda to learn more about your meeting.

  1. See who your attendees are, including the meeting organizer and who has accepted/not accepted.
  2. Easily take notes during a meeting.
  3. Scan through any related documents.
  4. See an overview of interactions, past meetings, etc.  

Swipe to the right or hover to reconfirm a meeting. 

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