How do I sync contacts from Cloze with Mailchimp?

If you would like to sync contacts from Cloze to Mailchimp please follow these instructions.  

All Cloze contacts with a Business Segment (Customer, Partner etc..) can be synced into the Mailchimp audience (list) that you set.

Once contacts are imported into Mailchimp you can further segment your Cloze contacts by Cloze Stage, Segment, Custom Field, or tag.

1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android) and lower left on 

2.) Tap on Settings


3.) Tap on Connected Accounts to expand the section and then tap on the gear icon next to MailChimp. 

Tip: When a contact is synced to Mailchimp you will find that Stages, Segments, Tags, and Pick LIst Custom Fields are also synced over which then can be used to sub-segment in Mailchimp

In this Setting you will see two sections "Import Lists" and "Export Lists":

  1. Import Lists - these are the contacts imported from Mailchimp to Cloze 
  2. Export Lists - these are the contacts exported out of Cloze to MailChimp

Scroll down further to set the specific Stages and Segments to export to Mailchimp. 

When selecting your Export Lists  (these are the contacts exported out of Cloze to Mailchimp) we recommend exporting to a single Audience (list). 

Mailchimp highly recommends using one master audience:

If you can, it's best to have one audience that you organize with tags, groups, or segments, rather than maintain multiple audiences in your account. Mailchimp treats all the audiences in your account separately, and billing is based on the total number of subscribed contacts across all your audiences. If you have duplicate contacts across audiences, having one audience could save you money. One audience is also easier to manage and keep clean.

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