How does Cloze remind me on the anniversary of SkySlope transactions?

Note: The SkySlope integration is included as part of the Cloze Business Gold and Platinum Plans. 

SkySlope transaction close dates are automatically synced to Cloze and set on the appropriate buyers and seller contacts. 

In the example below, when the transaction was closed in SkySlope the actual close date was set to May 6, 2024. The SkySlope integration will sync in the close date and automatically set the Sale Anniversary and Purchase Anniversary date on the Cloze contacts involved in the transaction.

Each year on the anniversary date of the transaction Cloze will trigger a reminder automatically. 

Anniversary reminders appear on the Cloze Agenda as they come due.

Pro Tip: Use a Cloze Campaign to automatically send Anniversary emails. 

Cloze can automatically send anniversary reminder emails on your behalf using a Campaign. When the anniversary arrives Cloze will send an email using a template and your real email. 

Learn how to send anniversary emails automatically

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