How do I capture custom information from a lead email?

As you receive leads Cloze can use artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically extract lead information. 

Default information

By default, Cloze will automatically capture the key lead contact information without any custom changes including:

  • Name (or first name / last name depending on the email)
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Set the Lead Source
  • Set the Stage and Segment

Custom Information

In some cases however you may need to also extract custom information from a lead email. This is where a custom script is helpful. Cloze offers custom scripting to automatically extract unique information from lead email notifications you receive and apply other treatments to the lead. 

A script can do two primary things:

  1. Extract unique information 
    • price
    • location or region
    • lead type (buyer, seller, renter)
    • other values
  2. Apply other treatments to the lead
    • Update custom fields 
    • Add tags
    • Conditionally set Stage, Segment, and other values
    • Set a location or sub-team

Example Custom Lead Script:

Below is an example of a lead email. 

By default, Cloze will extract the lead's name, email address, and phone number. However, this team wishes to distribute leads based on the price point so a custom script is needed to:

  • extract the price
  • apply a tag based on the price
  • apply a segment (buyer or renter based on the price)

A Cloze Campaign then uses the tag to notify the appropriate team members of a pond about the lead. 

Below is an example of a script that is used to extract this information and apply the various treatments needed for this campaign. As you can see this is pretty technical so please reach out to for assistance with this feature. Our team is happy to assist. 

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