What type of lead assignment strategies are available in Cloze?

The Cloze Campaigns feature is included as part of the Cloze Business Platinum Plan

Cloze includes several different lead assignment strategies as part of the change to Segment, Stage, Step, or Assignee flow control

For example, a Campaign could use a flow control to evenly distribute leads over time to various members of the team or distribute leads to a specific lead pond. You can also run multiple distribution strategies at the same time so that it runs until one of the strategies finds a match. 

If Assignment Strategy is (default) and both Assign To Custom Field and Assignee Tags are empty, there is no assignment change.  

  • Default - uses either a custom field or tag match.
  • Custom Field - use a custom reference field to match.
  • Best Relationship - matches based on the strongest existing relationship.
  • Closest in Hierarchy - matches based on the proximity within a sub-team.
  • Even Distribution - distributes evenly over time. 

You can also pick multiple and it starts from the top of the list trying different strategies until one matches a user.

Assign To
Use a reference Custom Field to assign. 


Assignee Tags

Enter a tag to set the assignee to assign to the closest team member that has all of these tags. In this example, team members with the #a-rated-lead are assigned. 

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