MAXA Designs and Cloze Overview

Cloze is integrated with MAXA Designs to sync designs from MAXA to Cloze. With your MAXA account connected to Cloze, your images, and HTML emails are available in Cloze to create email marketing designs. 

Sync MAXA Designs images into Cloze for use in marketing and personal emails. 

Graphics you design with MAXA are available in Cloze.

Use MAXA Designs HTML email newsletters in Cloze 

MAXA Designs HTML Newsletters can be inserted and sent with Cloze. 

Getting Started with MAXA Designs and Cloze

Before you connect your MAXA account to your Cloze account, we recommend that you sign in to both Cloze and MAXA on your web browser. 

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