How do I delegate access to my Cloze account?

Enable another Cloze user to access your account by switching from their own Cloze account to yours.

If you would like to allow another person access to your Cloze account, you can add them as a delegate on your account.  A delegate has full access to view, modify and download information from your Cloze account, just as you do. 

In order to appoint a delegate:

  • The person delegating access must have a Cloze Platinum account
  • The person being delegated must have an active Cloze account, but it can be any plan level

Once the delegate has been added, they will be able to easily toggle between their own account and yours.

To add a delegate

1.) Navigate to your account settings and select Delegate


2.) Enter the email address of the person you wish to delegate access to


3.) You will be able to see your delegates information in your account


4.) The delegate can now toggle between accounts

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