Does Cloze support customized HTML email signatures with images?


Cloze's email signature designer lets you create a signature with a wide variety of design options. 

There are three ways to create a signature.

  1. Text - a text-only signature.
  2. HTML - use simple formatting options like bold, italic, colors, fonts, and other styles to create a signature or paste in your own HTML.
  3. Designer - use Cloze's designer to create a richly formatted custom signature with a variety of layouts. The designer is a signature builder that offers the most amount of design and customization flexibility.

For a customized HTML email signature recommend using the designer option to quickly build a custom signature using images, a variety of layouts, and images (like your picture or company logo).

Each email account you connect to Cloze can have a unique email signature. 

You can edit your email signature and greeting in Mail Settings.

1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android) and lower left on

2.) Tap on Settings.

3.) Tap on Mail Settings to expand the section. 

Note: Setting a Default signature will be applied to all email accounts that do not have a custom Greeting and Signature. 

4.) Tap on the dropdown to select the account you wish to customize.

Each email account you connect to Cloze can have a unique email signature.

You have two options when creating or editing your signature:

  1. Default - Set a default signature that is applied to all of your email accounts
  2. Customize per email account  - select each email account to set a custom signature

Enter the From Name and Greeting.

If you choose to customize the signature for a specific email account you can also set the From Name and Greeting that will be used with this email account. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below if you wish to customize either. 

5.) Create your signature. 

When creating your signature you have three options to select from. We recommend using the designer option to quickly build a custom signature. It is optimized to work on all the devices on which your email recipients may read your email. 

The builder will walk you through the layout and other options to get you started and then you can customize further as needed. 

6.) Tap on Designer.

Use this option if you want the most flexibility when designing your signature. Team administrators can share a standardized signature template with all team members through the Library. 


  • If you are part of a team and they have not yet provided a pre-customized signature you will go through the wizard to help you set up your signature.
  • If your team has provided a pre-customized signature you will skip the setup wizard
  • If you are not part of a team on Cloze feel free to use the Designer to create your signature

Tap on Designer to start creating your email signature. 

6.) Select your preferred signature layout.

The signature designer offers several layouts to get you started. Once you are done you can continue customizing your signature. 

7.) Select the signature fields to include.

The designer will pre-populate this information in your signature based on your own profile in Cloze. You can make further refinements and additions after you finish using the signature builder. 

8.) Upload a picture or logo as needed. 

Cloze will automatically use the contact information, profile picture, and other details as you walk through the template designer. If your own Cloze profile does not include the information required for your email signature you will be prompted to add it. 

Your profile picture can also be used in your email signature. 

In this example, the profile is missing a picture and the headline (job title and company field). 

9.) Finish updating your Cloze profile and tap on the Save button. 

Depending on the layout you select you will be promoted to complete your Cloze profile with any missing details that will be used in your email signature.

Continue customizing as needed. 

After you tap on the Save button you will be prompted to continue editing your signature. If you wish to make further changes, tap on the Edit button. If not, tap on the Cancel button and your signature is ready to use. 

Tap on the portion of the signature template you wish to edit. 

You can highlight text to format it (change fonts, colors, etc..) 

Make changes to your signature photo or logo. 

Add or remove the contact information section. 


  • Enter "Me" to display the information from your own Cloze profile
  • The icon will only display in your signature if you have the social media account added to your own profile in Cloze. In the example below only Facebook and Instagram are included in his Cloze profile. 

His profile has now been updated to include Twitter and YouTube so the icons for these services are now displayed.

Enter "Me" to add other information.

Tap on the + icon to add content within the signature section. 

Tap on Add section a new section. 


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