Cloze and Microsoft 365 Overview

When you connect your Microsoft Office 365 account to Cloze several Office services are connected at once. 

Office 365 Outlook Email

  • You can send, receive, and reply to Office 365 emails from Cloze. Or if you would like you can use your own email app -- in either case Cloze will automatically keep track of your email conversations for you.
  • Cloze includes many business-grade email features including email open tracking, templates, automated follow-up, mail merge, A.I. reminders, and more. 

Office 365 Outlook Contacts (aka People)

Office 365 Outlook Calendar

  • Syncs your Outlook Calendar meetings to Cloze.
  • With your calendar connected to Cloze, every meeting is automatically logged to the timeline of the attendees and you'll see your meetings on the Cloze Agenda. 



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