Lead Distribution and Examples

Distributing leads

Cloze offers several ways to route leads to members of your team. For example, you can use Cloze to route leads across a team by round-robin or first-come-first-served. You can define any number of distribution options including lead quality, geography, price-point, or any other criteria.

  • "Best Relationship" - Cloze uses AI to assign leads based on who in your organization knows the lead best.
  • "Direct to rep/agent" - Lead is routed to the appropriate team member and Cloze then captures the information and alerts the team member on arrival.
  • "Manager assign" – A manager receives all leads and centrally assigns them to specific team members.
  • "Round-robin" – As leads arrive, they are assigned to different team members in the appropriate pond.
  • "First-to-Claim (a.k.a. Jump ball)" – The first person to claim the lead gets it. Leads flow in centrally and are assigned out to a specific pond (either by a manager or automatically).
  • "Claim and assign" – In this mode, multiple reps/agents can claim the lead, and then the manager assigns the lead to the person of their choice.

Lead routing example: "Best Relationship"

Cloze’s A.I. rates the strength of every relationship of every team member automatically. Cloze can then route leads based on best relationship -- the rep or agent that already knows them, for optimal conversion.  The example Campaign below finds the team member that knows the lead best and assigns it to them. If no one on the team already knows the lead, then it automatically notifies the pond so it can be quickly claimed. If the lead isn't claimed, it is round-robin assigned automatically.

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