Lead Management Overview

With Cloze Lead Management you can capture, route, and ensure every lead has a consistent follow-up plan so leads never slip through the cracks. Cloze’s Lead Engagement Analytics helps you focus your efforts on the people that are most likely to convert.

Cloze includes a complete Lead Management system that is comprised of three core feature sets:

  1. Routing - capture, organize, and distribute leads
  2. Follow-up - apply Campaigns, Next Steps, and To Dos to ensure follow up
  3. Analytics - see all the real activity down to the individual lead

When combined with Campaigns you can ensure the right person receives the right type of lead — if they are unavailable campaign automation can follow up on their behalf.

Lead Routing

Cloze streamlines and automates your lead follow-up to ensure every lead receives consistent follow-up. Leads are captured along with any important details at the beginning of the lead process so they can be properly routed, followed up upon, and measured. 

Routing includes automatically:

  • Capturing the lead
  • Organizing the lead
  • Distributing the lead

Lead Capture

Leads can come from many places such as email, website forms, cold outreach, webinars, paid ads, social media, events, and more making it hard to get a centralized view. It is even harder if you receive the majority of leads via email -- this forces you to cut and paste the information, create a contact, and then follow up. All of this extra work means the lead is rarely added to your CRM. 

Cloze eliminates this busywork.

Every lead can be automatically fed into Cloze preventing prospects from falling through the cracks. Cloze captures from 100s of sources so leads can be easily distributed to ponds or specific reps/agents with push notifications.

Cloze captures new leads automatically and alerts you immediately

As you receive leads Cloze uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically extract lead information. And Cloze alerts you or team members immediately so you can quickly follow up.

   For every captured lead:

  • A push notification is sent to your phone and other devices
  • It is a single tap to accept the lead and create the contact
  • Simply tap or swipe to reach out immediately
  • Enhance contacts with information from the lead email
  • The lead is classified and gets an automatic follow-up plan

Learn how to enable lead capture in settings.

Script lead processing automatically extracts custom information from lead emails

You can take lead capture even further with advanced custom scripting. Cloze offers custom scripting to automatically extract unique information from lead email notifications you receive. For example, a script can:

  • Update custom fields
  • Add tags
  • Conditionally set Stage, Segment and other values
  • Set a location or sub-team

Please reach out to support@cloze.com for assistance with this feature. 

Example custom script:

Cloze API and Zapier enable capturing leads from forms and other apps

Beyond extracting leads from email, we offer our own API and extensive integration with Zapier. These options are helpful when routing leads from lead forms, websites, or other apps.

With both options, leads can flow directly into Cloze and then be distributed as needed.

Distributing leads

Cloze offers several ways to route leads to members of your team. For example, you can use Cloze to route leads across a team by round-robin or first-come-first-served. You can define any number of distribution options including lead quality, geography, price-point, or any other criteria.

  • "Best Relationship" - Cloze uses AI to assign leads based on who in your organization knows the lead best.
  • "Direct to rep/agent" - Lead is routed to the appropriate team member and Cloze then captures the information and alerts the team member on arrival.
  • "Manager assign" – A manager receives all leads and centrally assigns them to specific team members.
  • "Round-robin" – As leads arrive, they are assigned to different team members in the appropriate pond.
  • "First-to-Claim (a.k.a. Jump ball)" – The first person to claim the lead gets it. Leads flow in centrally and are assigned out to a specific pond (either by a manager or automatically).
  • "Claim and assign" – In this mode, multiple reps/agents can claim the lead, and then the manager assigns the lead to the person of their choice.

Lead routing example: "Best Relationship"

Cloze’s AI rates the strength of every relationship of every team member automatically. Cloze can then route leads based on best relationship -- the rep or agent that already knows them, for optimal conversion.

In the example below, the Campaign finds the team member that knows the lead best and assigns it to them. If no one on the team already knows the lead, then it automatically notifies the pond so it can be quickly claimed. If the lead isn't claimed, it is round-robin assigned automatically

  • Finds the team member (agent, sales rep, etc.. that knows the lead best) available as quickly as possible
  • If no one knows the lead, it sends push notifications to all team members that can take the lead
  • If no team member is available within 5 minutes round-robin assign

Lead Follow-up

Lead follow-up can be automated in a few ways:

  • Next Steps – repeatable checklists you write once and your team follows for every new lead.
  • Campaigns – automate follow-up with your real email and text, and use to-dos to add personal outreach.
  • A combination of both Next Steps and Campaigns – a single lead can start with an automated campaign and then Next Steps can guide the rep or agent once qualified.

Cloze automatically creates a daily follow-up routine

Regardless of the type of lead capture or lead routing Cloze will alert the right team member immediately. When a lead arrives it is classified in Cloze as a lead (the Stage and Segment are set) which in turn starts the follow-up.

Leads are automatically set with a Stage and Segment

Cloze automatically sets each lead with a Stage and Segment.

Lead follow-up can use Next Steps or a Campaign or both.

Next Steps provide a standardized way of following up whereby the assigned rep or agent takes action (sends an email, makes a call, sends a text, etc..) as each step is due.

Campaigns can automate follow-up by sending an email or text to the lead with the rep or agent taking this action themselves. With a Campaign, you can also mix in assigned to-dos to call the lead directly.

Using Next Steps:
The Next Step is also set automatically to guide follow-up

The Cloze Next Step is automatically set to ensure follow-up.

Using a Campaign:
The lead triggers a Cloze Campaign to automate the follow-up

Campaigns can branch by lead source or any number of criteria to ensure the right communication and follow-up actions occur for each lead.

Cloze Campaigns can also understand the time of day or what contact information is available to properly automate the right message with the right communication channel.


Sometimes the time of day, or day of the week, dictates how you want to handle a lead. For example, if it is a weekend and no one is available to follow up immediately, you can immediately send an automated “we’ll follow-up soon” email.

In this example, the Campaign optimizes follow-up based on work hours by using different branches. For example, if a lead arrives after hours, you can set expectations that you’ll follow up the next day when the office opens.

Optimize Follow-up Based on Work Hours

In this example, the Campaign is branching based on what contact information is available for a specific contact. If the contact record has a mobile number, the best mode of communication might be to automatically text them, instead of emailing them.

Templates are tied to each step for fast follow-up

The Cloze template Library lets you create personalized messages for every stage of your customer journey.  Templates can be tied to a Next Step or a Campaign so you have the right type of communication when you need it.

Add Email, Text, or Call script templates to each step for efficient and consistent follow-up. 

With steps and templates, you and your team can work through prospects efficiently, ensuring leads don’t slip through the cracks. 

Create a lead follow-up plan for your entire team to ensure consistency and easy tracking

Cloze Administrators and Managers can use Campaigns and Next Steps to create a series of outreach activities to help their team effectively and consistently work through their leads.

Adding Next Steps for your team

Think of Next Steps as a repeatable checklist that you can write once and reuse. Next Steps are an extension of the higher level Stages—they should mirror your workflow and all of the things you need to get done to move to the next stage. As contacts are classified with a Stage and Segment the appropriate Next Steps guide the process.

Tip: Setup your lead follow-up plan using Next Steps

Next Steps include activities like making calls, sending emails, booking meetings, and sending text messages. 

Each of these activities can have its own unique template to ensure consistency. 

Creating a Lead Follow-up Campaign for your team

Cloze Campaigns are a way to automate follow-up and other processes for each lead individually. You can think of each lead as being on their own unique journey — rather than all leads running through the same steps at the same time. You can send different content, and automate different actions, for each lead.

Tip: Automate your lead follow-up plan using a Campaign

Campaigns can automate follow-up using your real email and phone. 

A Cloze Campaign consists of a series of steps that happen one after another. Campaign steps can …

You can create a complete Campaign with any combination of the above steps. 

Unparalleled Visibility with Lead Engagement Analytics

You generate a lead, follow-up begins, but then what? Did the rep or agent actually follow up? How long did it take to qualify? Is one source of leads better than another?

Cloze automatically tracks your team’s calls, emails, texts, and meetings so you always know the truth.

Lead Engagement Analytics helps you zero in on the leads that are moving forward and those where engagement is low. Want to know which leads are not getting the attention they deserve? Lead Analytics shows you.

Cloze analyzes your email, calendar, calls, and messages giving each one of your Leads a Cloze Score. The higher the Cloze Score, the higher the engagement with your Lead.

Tip: The more activity flowing in both directions (from you and back from the Lead) the higher the engagement so you’ll need at least two interactions directed to the person and two interactions back from them before your Engagement starts to rise. For example, if you’ve emailed the Lead a few times, but they haven’t responded then the engagement will be zero. But if you have had several meetings, calls and emails then engagement will be high. 

Read this report from left to right to follow the flow from lead origination to qualification. People that are classified as Not Yet Qualified are considered a Lead. When you move a person from the Lead Stage to the Potential Stage they are considered qualified. 

Are you just getting started with your Lead Management program? Contact support@cloze.com for assistance in setting up Cloze.

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