Lead Management Program Checklist

Platinum Feature: The Cloze Lead Management functionality is available with the Cloze Business Platinum Plan. 

With Cloze Lead Management, you can capture, route, and ensure every lead has a consistent follow-up plan so leads never slip through the cracks. Below is a checklist of the key items you'll need to configure to set up a lead management program for yourself or your organization. 

Cloze includes a complete Lead Management system that is comprised of three core feature sets.

Use the checklist below, and other knowledge base articles found here to guide your setup. 

1.) Routing - capture, organize and distribute leads.

Lead Capture

Lead Organization

Lead Distribution

2.) Follow-up - apply Campaigns, Next Steps, and To Dos to ensure follow-up.

Next Steps



3.) Analytics - see all the real activity down to the individual lead.

Review your Lead Analytics

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to support@cloze.com or click on the chat icon below. 


Under the umbrella of lead routing, we include capturing, organizing, and distributing leads. 

Lead Capture

This is the starting point for every lead program. You will begin by documenting all of the lead sources you utilize today, so we can capture them in Cloze.

Leads will be captured in Cloze in one of three ways:

  • An email notification from the lead provider (preferred!)
  • Direct integration (e.g. Zillow)
  • Using the Cloze API or Zapier

The most common method for capturing leads in Cloze is through email notifications. As you receive leads, Cloze uses artificial intelligence (AI) to extract lead information automatically. This method requires no technical skills on your part and is straightforward to set up. 


When a lead is captured, it can be automatically classified in Cloze with a Stage, Segment, and Lead Source. As you set up each lead source, Cloze will walk you through setting these values. 

You can then take lead capture even further with advanced custom scripting. Cloze offers custom scripting to extract unique information from lead email notifications you receive automatically. For example, a script can:

  • Update custom fields
  • Add tags
  • Conditionally set Stage, Segment, and other values
  • Set a location or sub-team

Please reach out to support@cloze.com for assistance with the custom scripting feature. 


Next, you should consider who will receive the leads once captured in Cloze. You can skip this step if leads are already distributed directly to team members by another mechanism

If you are part of a team on the business platinum plan, you can use an automated Campaign to ensure the right person receives the right type of lead. 

Cloze offers several ways to route leads to members of your team. For example, you can use Cloze to distribute leads across a team by round-robin or first-come-first-served. You can define any number of distribution options, including lead quality, geography, price-point, or any other criteria.

  • "Best Relationship" - Cloze uses AI to assign leads based on who in your organization knows the lead best.
  • "Direct to rep/agent" - Leads are routed to the appropriate team member and Cloze then captures the information and alerts the team member on arrival.
  • "Manager assign" – A manager receives all leads and centrally assigns them to specific team members.
  • "Round-robin" – As leads arrive, they are evenly assigned to different team members in the appropriate pond.
  • "First-to-Claim (a.k.a. Jump ball)" – The first person to claim the lead gets it. Leads flow in centrally and are assigned out to a specific pond (either by a manager or automatically).
  • "Claim and assign" – In this mode, multiple reps/agents can claim the lead, and then the manager assigns the lead to the person of their choice.


We recommend using Next Steps, Campaigns, or both to ensure consistent lead follow-up. Campaigns are especially helpful because they can run automatically on behalf of the lead owner. When the lead engages, a real person can jump in. Review our Lead Management Follow-up Overview for examples.

Next Steps

You can think of Next Steps as repeatable checklists you write once, which you or your team follow for every new lead. As steps are completed, the next step is automatically set. As steps come due, they appear on the Cloze Agenda to help guide consistent follow-up. 


Use campaigns to automate follow-up with your real email and send texts, and use to-dos to add personal outreach. Lead follow-up can also start with an automated campaign, and then Next Steps can guide the rep or agent once qualified.

Each lead source can have its own unique campaign tied to it.


Both Next Steps and Campaigns utilize templates. 


Lead Engagement Analytics helps you zero-in on the leads that are moving forward and those where engagement is low.  Want to know which leads are not getting the attention they deserve? Lead Analytics shows you."
For teams, Cloze can also allow you to view analytics for only company-originated leads, while keeping each team member's private database private.  

Cloze includes a special custom field called "Lead Origin" that can be used to track leads originated by the brokerage. 

This ensures your team members have the privacy they expect for their database and that the company has the visibility into company-generated leads that you need.  You can also view which team members are following up with leads and each lead's current Stage (status) to coach team members and understand how leads are progressing.
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