[QUICK START] Overview of Connecting Accounts

You can keep using the tools you already use - email, mobile phone, calendar, documents, notes and more - Cloze automatically pulls from these to track everything happening for deals, projects, clients, and prospects. There is no data entry. Simply connect your accounts to Cloze. 

You get automatic out-of-the-box tracking of ...



Connect as many email accounts as you would like to Cloze Pro. Cloze supports hundreds of email services including Gmail, G Suite Mail, Office 365, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook.com, Yahoo! Mail, AOL and any email service that supports IMAP. Learn more.


To connect you calendar simply connect your email. Cloze currently supports Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, iCloud and Yahoo! Calendars - with more types of calendars coming soon. Learn more.


Cloze automatically creates contacts from your interactions on emails and meetings. When you connect your accounts Cloze will import your Google Contacts, Exchange Contacts and Office 365 contacts too.  


No more manually logging your calls. Cloze is the only app to automatically track your call history. 

Connect the Cloze Call and Text Sync App.

You can also log your call and SMS history directly from your Android device


Connect Evernote or OneNote to Cloze and all of your notes are linked into your contacts' history. Evernote is built into Cloze so you can easily log call notes, meeting notes, and save emails and attachments.

Learn about Evernote and OneNote.



Cloze is integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online and OneDrive to automatically link your files to People, Companies, Projects and Deals.


  • Slack - Connect Slack to Cloze to see your Slack messages in the Timeline view of a Person, Company, Project, Deal. Learn More
  • RingCentral - Connect RingCentral and your calls and text messages are automatically logged in Cloze. Learn More.
  • Android Text Messages - For Android devices, Cloze can log your call and SMS history directly from your Android phone. Learn more.


To Dos

Google Tasks - Cloze supports Google Tasks so you can set Tasks and they will sync onto the Cloze Agenda. Learn more about Cloze and Google Tasks 


Connect hundreds of other apps and services to Cloze without the need to write code. Learn more.

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