What is the Cloze Score?

Cloze analyzes your email, calendar, mobile phone call history, and text messages to find out who matters to you, giving each one of your contacts a Cloze Score. The Cloze Score is a measure of relationship quality from 0-100. As you interact with your friends, co-workers, and professional connections via email, phone, meetings, and text messages you are building relationships. The higher the Cloze Score the stronger the relationship. Cloze scores your relationships on several factors both over the lifetime of the relationship and, separately, based on your most recent interactions so you can see whether it's heading in the right direction.

Every relationship has a unique Cloze Score that is private to you. It is a measure of how well you know someone and how important that person is to you based on your online interactions through email, meetings, mobile phone calls, and text messages. Of course, we recognize that no algorithm can ever be perfect – which is why we also let you adjust someone’s Cloze Score to where you think it should be.             

Cloze analyzes and rates your interactions based on many factors:


Out of sight, out of mind. If you don't work a relationship, it will degrade. Dormancy keeps track of the last time you spoke. The more recent your last email conversation, the better your score.


The more you interact, the deeper your relationships can be. Frequency measures how often you communicate. The more often you communicate, the better your score.


Do you know how to get their attention? Responsiveness measures how often and how quickly you respond to each other. The quicker you both respond, the better your score.


Strong relationships are one-to-one. Privacy measures how many people are included in your conversations. The more your conversations are one-to-one, without a lot of other people listening in, the higher your score.


Relationships need depth, but they also need to evolve. Freshness measures how often your relationship covers new topics. Focusing on a small number of topics means your relationship isn't evolving. But, constantly switching topics means your relationship lacks depth. The best score is a balance between the two.


The best relationships are ones where each person participates equally. Balance measures the number of messages and amount of information flowing in each direction. When the flow in each direction is equal, your score will be highest.

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