People and Companies


The ins and outs everything related to contacts.


One view of all the people you know at single organization.

Organizing Contacts

Organize your contacts with Stages, Segments, Next Steps and Tags.


Organize contacts across common traits and group beyond the client journey with tags.

Bulk Changes

Quickly apply changes like Stages, Segments, and Tags to many people at once.

Search, Filter and Sort

Many useful ways to search, filter and sort for your people, companies and deals.


From lead to close, track where they are on the client journey with you.


Track who the person is to you. For example, clients, customers, partners, buyers, sellers.

Next Steps

Keep track of what you've done and what you need to get done next.


Selectively export people and companies. Create address labels.


Respond to compliance requests and use Smart Links to manage consent.

Cloze Score

Details behind the Cloze Relationship Score.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook pages and LinkedIn company pages.

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