How do I export Analytics reports?

All Analytics reports with a summary table can be exported to Excel or CSV.

The following Analytics reports can be exported into an Excel or CSV file for further analysis. You can use the various options at the top of the screen to refine your report before you export it: filter by stage, segment, custom field, time scale, sub-team, and other options.


  • Activity Leaderboard


  • Lead Qualification


  • Activity
  • Engagement
  • Forecast

Active Deals (or Properties or Projects or Jobs or Listings, etc..)

  • Activity
  • Engagement
  • Forecast

Mail Sending

  • Mail Merges
  • Templates Used

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to export your Analytics.

1.) Select the Analytics you wish to export.

2.) Filter as needed. 

Leaderboard filter options:

For reports other than the leaderboard you'll see these filter options: 

3.) Tap on the Export button. 

All activity measure columns are exported including ones you have not enabled for display on the report. 

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