How do I clear an Agenda item?

Swipe left to clear any Agenda item.

To clear an item like a keep-in-touch reminder or an email open notification you can swipe to the left on both mobile and web versions of Cloze. 

Clearing or Skipping Keep-in-touch Reminders

For keep-in-touch reminders you will find two options:

On the Agenda you will find two options for keep-in-touch reminders when you swipe to the left. 

  1. Mute All - Select "Mute All" if you wish to no longer be reminded about this person.
  2. Skip - Select "Skip" to be reminded again when your next keep-in-touch reminder cycle comes due. 

All other Agenda items can be cleared by swiping to the left. 

Or swipe a headline to clear all items at once.

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