Smart Deadlines

Cloze uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect deadlines in the email you receive. For example, if you receive an email that includes "Please review and get your comments to me by Friday" Cloze will add this to your Agenda and remind you on Friday.

This feature is enabled by default in premium Cloze accounts. If you wish to adjust your settings please see below. 

1.) Tap on the More Options menu (...) and select Settings. 

  1. Tap on More in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android).
  2. Select Settings

On your computer: 
  1. Tap on More in the lower left on your computer ( 
  2. Select Settings

2.) Scroll down to the Assistant section and tap on Smart Suggestions to expand the section.

3.) Toggle the contact updates On or Off. In the example below, the setting for Adding Deadlines to Your Agenda is enabled and adding deadlines Only if the Sender has a Stage or Segment is not enabled. 

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