How do I edit a contact?

1.) Tap on any contact photo and the contact profile will open.

2.) Tap on Edit in the upper right of the screen on the phone app or next to the person's name on tablet and 

From here you may edit existing information or add new contact details.  

Adding new contact information

When adding new information please tap the plus (+) symbol to add new contact information and then tap on Save in the upper right of the screen when you are finished.

Edit an existing piece of contact information:

If you are editing existing information you have a few different options:

  1. Remove or Fix it: Tap on the minus (-) symbol to remove information. When you do so you will be prompted with several options to remove the information or fix it. 
  2. Change the Type: Set the type of information (like a mobile phone or fax number).
  3. Set the sharing option: You can mark the contact information private so when this contact is shared with your team this specific piece of information is not shared. 

There are four options to select:

  1. Archive: Select this option to set the information to archived. The email address, phone number etc... will no longer appear as a contact information option, but will still be used for stitching together the historical timeline of interactions. This option is recommended when a person changes jobs to ensure your past history of interactions is still available in Cloze. 
  2. Remove: Select this option to completely remove the information from Cloze. Remove is primarily used if the information is inaccurate. 
  3. Correct: Select this option to quickly correct a typo or minor error. 
  4. Demerge: Select this option to remove this information because it belongs to another person.

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