How do I merge contacts?

Merging contacts is easy in Cloze. Here are some instructions to get your started.

1.) Tap on People

2.) Search for the people you would like to merge. Then tap on the check mark next to each person and tap on the Merge icon.

Note: once you tap on the check mark for the first contact you can change your search criteria to find others. After you tap on the check mark of the second contact the merge option will appear along the bottom of the screen. 



You can also merge contacts by adding an overlapping email or social acccount on the contact profile.

To merge people add the same email or social media account to each person. Cloze will then merge these two records.

For example, if you have two contacts you would like to merge:

Contact A

  • Adam Smith

Contact B 

  • Adam Smith
Simply add to Contact A. Both Contact A and B will now be merged:
  • Adam Smith
To edit a contact and add the additional email:

1.) Tap on any contact photo and the contact profile will open.

2.) Tap on the Edit button.


3.) Tap the Add button.  

4.) When adding new information make sure to tap the Add button in the upper right of the screen after you are done.  

5.) Then tap the Save button on the next screen to save your changes. 


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