How do I classify a phone number as mobile?

A person's phone number can be classified in several ways:

  • work
  • personal
  • other

And by Type:

  • mobile
  • voice
  • fax
  • other

If the SMS icon is grayed out on a person's Cloze profile it means that their number is not classified as mobile. You can edit the profile and classify it as mobile. Please follow the instructions below. 

1.) Tap on any contact photo and the contact profile will open.

2.) Tap on Edit in the upper right of the screen on the phone app or next to the person's name on tablet and 


From here you may edit existing information or add new contact details.  


3.) Tap on "Contact info" and then scroll down to their phone number.

Note: Once a phone number has been classified as mobile it will enable the SMS icon on their Cloze profile. 


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