How do I set a preferred email address?

Cloze will automatically sort the last email address you have used to the top for quick access and to ensure you select the most current address when emailing someone. Cloze will also prefer this most recently used email address when syncing contacts to MailChimp, ActivePipe and Rezora. 

If you would like to set a preferred email address (work, personal or overall) for a contact instead, you can do this in the edit section of the contact record.

Cloze will then always sort the preferred email address to the top for your contact.

Once set the preferred email address is used for Mail Merges and when syncing to email marketing platforms like MailChimp, ActivePipe and Rezora.


Select the Contact Info tab:


Select the preferred email address:

Once a preferred email is selected for work and/or personal, you can select an overall preferred address:



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