How do I create a new company that does not have a website?

If the company you are adding does not have a website you can create the company by adding their name and phone number instead. 

Tip: Cloze will automatically merge companies with the same website domain. 

Adding a company without a website domain (just their name and phone) can also be helpful when creating branch locations. Not including a website will prevent the company from merging with other companies that have the same domain.

1.) Tap on the compose icon (pencil and paper icon) in the upper right of the screen and tap on Add Company. 

2.) Tap on "By Phone" and enter the company name and phone number.

Note: you must enter a website domain or phone number to create the new company. 

Tap on Edit to add more details as needed.

Add high-level details and a picture.

Add contact information as needed.

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