How do I filter the timeline of a person?

You can filter the Timeline of interactions for a person by several different criteria to narrow the view as needed: 

  •  Timeline - the full timeline of activity
  •  Mail - email and postal mail
  •  Meetings - calendar meetings both from your connected calendars and manually logged
  •  Call and Texts - phone calls and texts messages (iMessage, SMS, WhatsApp) 
  •  Notes - Evernote, OneNote, and Cloze built-in notes
  •  Messages - Slack and Twitter messages
  •  Social - Twitter, Facebook Pages activity you administer, and LinkedIn Company page activity
  •  Audit Trail - Assignments, custom field updates, Step changes, Stage changes, Segment changes
  •  Other - misc other items
  • Activity Measures - Inquiries, Viewings/Showings, Drop-ins, Auto Sent Emails, and other measures

1.) Tap on More at the bottom of the Timeline of interactions. 

2.) Tap on the drop-down menu as needed to narrow your view. 

Scroll down the menu to see other options.

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