How do I filter the timeline of a person?

You can filter the Timeline of interactions for a person by several different criteria to narrow the view as needed: 

  •  Timeline - the full timeline of activity
  •  Mail - email and postal mail
  •  Meetings - calendar meetings both from your connected calendars and manually logged
  •  Call and Texts - phone calls and texts messages (iMessage, SMS, WhatsApp) 
  •  Notes - Evernote, OneNote, and Cloze built-in notes
  •  Other Messages - Slack messages
  •  Audit Trail - Assignments, custom field updates, Step changes, Stage changes, Segment changes
  • Activity Measures - Inquiries, Viewings/Showings, Drop-ins, Auto Sent Emails, and other measures

New Design 

You can enable the new Cloze design in Settings.

1.) Tap on the funnel icon at the top of a person's timeline. 

A person's profile features an infinitely scrolling timeline of all their activity with you. Filters are helpful if you wish to quickly narrow or expand this timeline. 

2.) Check or uncheck the options as needed. 

Checked items appear in the timeline. Your selections will remain as you view other people, so if you filter the timeline and then navigate to another contact you'll see the same filtered view.

  1. The green, filled checkmark = this content is visible in the timeline.
  2. The white, hollow checkmark = this connect is not visible in the time timeline.

There are several options you can select. 

  • Mail
  • Meetings
  • Calls
  • Texts Messages
  • Other Messages
  • To Dos
  • Next Steps
  • Notes
  • From Integrated Apps
  • Related timelines (tap to expand)
    • Linked Communication - Communication linked by Re
    • Audit Trail - Changes, alerts, and campaign activity
    • Open Properties - Excludes closed and lost timelines
    • All Properties - Includes all property timelines
    • Deleted Items - Includes deleted messages
  • Collaboration (tap to expand)
    • Your Timeline - Show only your timeline
    • Shared Timeline - Show the timeline for you and your team on Cloze

Classic Design  

1.) Tap on More at the bottom of the Timeline of interactions. 

2.) Tap on the drop-down menu as needed to narrow your view. 

Scroll down the menu to see other options.

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