How do I search for content within a specific person?

Cloze provides the ability to search for keywords and phrases in emails, meetings, attachments, notes, and documents. Keyword and phrase searching of content works with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365 email, Microsoft OneDrive, Slack, Dropbox, Evernote and Microsoft OneNote (consumer - login). You can also narrow your search to focus on content with a specific person. 

You can search with or without quotes:

  • Without quotes around the words: searches each individual word entered across the cloud services listed above independently. For example the search: Tully proposal searches for both "Tully" and "proposal" independently. 
  • With quotes around the words: searches the exact phrase entered in search across the cloud services listed above. For example the search: "Tully proposal" searches for the exact phrase "Tully proposal". 

1.) To search within a person tap on their profile and then More at the bottom of their timeline. 


2.) Enter your search keyword or phrase.

You may also narrow your search by selecting a specific type of content to search for things like notes or files. 


3.) Select your email, note, meeting, etc. from the search results.

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