How do I search the content of my notes?

About Notes

About Notes appear directly below the timeline of a person, company, project, or property. 

To search for an About Note simply enter in the search box:

note:{your search term}

For example to search About Notes for the term "downsize" you would enter:


This will return all of the people that have an About Note with the word "downsize".

Evernote and Microsoft OneNote

From the Agenda screen, Cloze provides the ability to search for keywords and phrases in notes from Evernote. Microsoft OneNote (consumer - login) is coming soon

You can search with or without quotes:

  • Without quotes around the words: searches Evernote notes for the words entered. For example the search: Tully website searches for both "Tully" and "website" independently. 
  • With quotes around the words: searches Evernote notes for the phrase entered. For example the search: "Tully website" searches for the exact phrase "Tully website". 

When you search, Cloze will match results to the following types of note content:

  • Evernote: note subject, note body content, attachments in notes and tags

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