How do I selectively export People? (or Companies or Deals)

You can use the filtering and search options in the People, Companies, Deals or Projects sections to export a CSV of Excel file.

Cloze offers many ways to search and filter your People, Companies, Deals or Projects. Any of these can be exported into a CSV or Excel file. 

For example you may want to export....

  • ...your Leads, or
  • ...people with the same tag, or
  • ...Leads that have the same Lead Source, or
  • ...people assigned to you,
  • ...Active Customer companies.

To Export:

Once you have made a selection, tap on the checkmark icon at the bottom right. 

Exporting options will differ slightly, depending on what you are exporting:

  1. People
  2. Projects or Deals
  3. Companies

Please see below for some common export examples. 

Export your Leads 

Export Shared Contacts that are Leads

People with the same tag

Search for your tag by entering a hashtag (#) and then the tag name. 

All of the people assigned to you.

In this example we're exporting all of the people assigned to you. 

  1. Tap on the funnel icon. 
  2. Tap on Must Match All of These
  3. Tap on Collaboration to expand the options.

  1. Tap on Assigned to Me and then tap on Yes. (Using the Must Match All of These filter, by tapping on Yes, you will only see contacts that have been assigned to you. 
  2. Tap on the checkmark in the upper left to save the filter.

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