How do I cleanup and remove data if requested?

Under Article 17 of the GDPR EU citizen clients have the "right to erasure" (or "right to be forgotten" as it is better known).

To help you with these right to be forgotten requests we have a Data Cleanup feature that allows you to quickly find and remove contact information, communication history, and content related to a specific person from Cloze. 

The feature also helps you find all of the places outside of Cloze where this data resides as well.  

1.) Navigate to the Cloze profile of which you wish to remove their data. Then tap on the More Option icon and select Data Cleanup.

You can then scroll down to review all of the places Cloze has found contact information, communication history and other content related to this person.

Data Cleanup scroll down and review

2.) Tap the Next button.

3.) Tap on the dropdown to set the date range from which you wish to remove your data. 

NOTE: Remove your data from Other Apps too
Before cleaning up data related to a person in Cloze, you should first remove it from outside systems (otherwise Cloze may re-import it at a later date).


4.) Next select what to remove and then tap on the Preview button. 



5.) Tap on the Cleanup button to remove the data from this person's record in Cloze. 


6.) After the cleanup process has completed you can then completely delete their profile in Cloze as well (if you requested). 

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