How do I format an email in Cloze?

Cloze provides several options for formatting your email along the bottom of the email composer. Please note due to screen size limitations there are several more formatting options on and tablets. On the Cloze phone app, tap on the ΒΆ symbol to see more options.

Tip: If you are cutting and pasting content into Cloze it is recommended that you paste as plain text and then use various options to format your email. This will ensure that your email is formatted correctly on the widest number of email clients. 

On Web / Tablet

Paragraph Styles

The paragraph styles menu includes several formatting options.

  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • Paragraph
  • Small Heading
  • Fine Print

Text Color

Cloze includes a default color palette or you can tap on the + icon to enter a custom color code.

Text Size

Size your text in a variety of options.

Font Type

Use a variety of email-safe fonts.


Tap on the + icon to insert an image, snippet, merge fields, and other items (like BombBomb videos). 

Align Text

Alight text left, center, and right.

On Mobile

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