How does email open tracking work?

With Cloze you have the option to track open and link clicks for email sent from within the app – so you’ll know exactly when someone opens your message. Best of all, it works on both web and mobile for every email service you connect to Cloze.

How Open Tracking Works

When you send an email through Cloze with open tracking on, we embed a small invisible graphic in the bottom of your HTML email. This is the same technology that many marketing email and newsletter providers use to track open rates. Cloze also uses this approach for your personal communications. Open tracking is available on Cloze for iPhone, iPad, Android and web.

The open tracker graphic is unique to each email you send through Cloze. When the recipient opens your email the tracking graphic is downloaded from Cloze's servers - we'll notify you on your phone, tablet and/or through your web browser. You can also tap on the Agenda page to see your history of notifications.

  1. To enable or disable open tracking, tap on the drop down menu next to Send. 
  2. Tap on Tracking
  3. Select what you want to track. 
  1. When the bell icon is filled in, tracking is on. If you want to turn off tracking, select No Tracking.

Open Tracking Accuracy

Open tracking technology only works in HTML email and can only track opens if your recipients have chosen to show or load images when they view your email. Cloze is not alone in this limitation - all tools that track email opens require the recipient to load images in their email for the notification to trigger. By default, some email applications automatically block images from displaying and require the user to enable them for each message.

To avoid "false positives" we have protections in place (based on your IP address) so you won't be notified when you open email messages sent from Cloze in other email clients. 

For additional accuracy, we have also added "Click Tracking" (see below).

Please Note: The Gmail web client uses proxy servers which have Google IP addresses, so we can't reliably identify who opened the email, and if you open your own emails in the Gmail web client, Cloze may incorrectly report that it was opened. by the recipient.

Click Tracking

In Cloze we also automatically track if a recipient clicks on any link embedded in the email you send via Cloze.

When "track opens" is enabled, Cloze tracking information is added to each web URL address in your email. The recipient will not notice that the link has the additional tracking information. When a tracked link is clicked in your email, this tracking information quickly redirects the person that clicked through Cloze's servers before sending them to the intended website URL - the process is seamless to the recipient. The redirect through our server logs the click and will trigger the notification back to you. Each URL in your email is tracked separately so you know precisely what they click on.

Notification Details 

You can tap on your sent message and scroll to the bottom to see a section called Open Tracking with a complete history of notifications.

On your Agenda, you will see emails when they have been opened, underneath "Opened Mail". Tap on a message and scroll to the bottom to see more details in the open tracking section.

In the Sent folder, you will see checkmarks next to your emails that have been opened. If there is a number below the checkmarks, that indicates how many times the email has been opened.

a. You can silence notifications for new opens and link clicks by opening the notification on the agenda, scrolling down to the Open Tracking section, and tapping on the icon. When the icon is filled in, the notifications have been silenced.

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