Matching Fields

Platinum Feature: The Matching Engine feature is available with the Cloze Business Platinum Plan. 

The Cloze Matching Engine is used to find people that match criteria for things you are brokering. Typically these are things like real estate, jobs, cars, yachts, and fund-raising campaigns. 

Pick List Custom Fields are used to show which People are a match to a Listing (Property, Job, Car, Yacht, Campaign, etc.) and vice-versa.

In Cloze you will label the Projects/Deals section of Cloze with the name of the thing you are brokering. 

Example: Real Estate

Setting Matching Fields on Person


For example in Real Estate you will use the label "Properties" or "Listing" for the properties you are representing. You will then create pick list Custom Fields that will be used to match potential buyers to the property. 

The property can have several pick list Custom Fields like:

  • Property Type
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Price Range
  • Size Range

The Matching Engine will then display potential people (Buyers) that have the same corresponding pick list values set in their profile in Cloze. 


Similarly the same Custom Fields will be used to set potential buyers' preferences. 

For example a Buyer is looking for a single family home, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and has a budget of up to $750,000. Their profile would like:


When viewing a person you will see all of the properties that match their criteria and when viewing a Property you will see all of the people who's criteria mach the property. 

Step-by-step instructions on how to create Matching Custom Fields.





Each of these values are used to find and match to corresponding Properties in Cloze with the same values set. 

  • Property Type = Single Family Home
  • Bedrooms = 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms= 3 Bathrooms, 4 Bathrooms
  • Price Range = 1M to 2M
  • Size Range = 2000 to 4000 Sq Ft
  • Features = Central Air, Fireplace, Garage

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