How do I share a Project or Deal?

Cloze Business stitches together a single view of all the activity related to any deal or project, across everyone involved. Without the need to log data or force tools on your customers.

Now everyone on your team can focus on what they need to get done, without missing a task, conversation, or decision.

You can share a Deal or Project timeline with coworkers, partners and others at anytime:

1.) When you create a new Deal or Project

2.) by inviting your coworkers to an existing deal or project 

Please see below for both examples. 

Share when you create a New Deal or Project.
Note: in the example below "Projects" have been customized to be called "Deals". Learn more about customizing your labels and steps here.

Add coworkers after you have already created a Deal or Project.  

Share the Project or Deal with your Organization

To share the Project (or Deal) with your organization tap on Change and toggle on "Share with [your team name].

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