How do I make multiple contacts private at once?

With Cloze you can make any contact private. When a contact is private their contact information and timeline activity (calls, emails, meetings, notes etc..) are also private and not shared with your team. 

Contacts that are classified with a Personal Segment are always marked private by default. Personal Segments include:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Connections
  • Personal Custom 

Interactions between coworkers are also private. 

A few notes about sharing contacts:

  1. Contacts that are set with a Stage and Business Segment are automatically shared with your team.
  2. Contacts that are part of a shared Project or Deal are automatically shared with your team.
  3. When you share people and companies with your organization you are creating a copy of your contacts and adding them to the organizational view. Cloze will either automatically share or prompt you if information is out of sync with your team's version of the contact. 

Please follow these instructions to make multiple contacts private at once on the People section.  

1.) On the People section search for the person (or group of people) you wish to add to make private and then tap on the check mark next to their name(s). 


You may also use our natural language search to find and select many contacts at once. Click here to learn more about searching in Cloze.

2.) Repeat this process of searching and tapping the check mark for each person you wish to make private.  

Once you have tapped on the check mark you can search again and the previous person or people will remain checked so you can add multiple people at once. 

3.) When you are done, tap on the Bulk Change icon. 


4.) Scroll down the list of option and tap on the dropdown next to Private in the Privacy section. Then select "Make Private" and tap on Save to apply the change to your selected contacts. 



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