[VIDEO] Sending a Mail Merge to more than 500 contacts

With Cloze you can select any number of contacts with a single action. Once you have selected your contacts you can perform any bulk action you would like -- for example, apply a tag or send a Mail Merge email. 

Cloze includes what we call a "skip search" so that you can skip over contacts to find others. You can select any number of contacts to skip (e.g. 25, 500, 1000, or any number you choose). This is helpful when you want to perform a bulk action (like send a Mail Merge) on many hundreds of contacts.
With the skip search you can perform these bulk actions in batches.
For example, the skip search lets you skip over the contacts you've already emailed and then select the next group. The video below provides an overview of how to use the skip search.
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