How do I publish a draft template?

Cloze offers two options for templates:

  1. Published
  2. Drafts (unpublished)

Published templates can be placed in three different types of Libraries:

  1. My Library - is your personal library (only you can see templates in this library) 
  2. Your team library (Staging) - staging is only visible to people with permission to see it
  3. Your team library - visible to everyone on your team

Staging Library

If you are the Cloze Admin for your team (or have the appropriate permissions) you'll also have an option to save a template to a Staging Library. Members of your team with the appropriate role permission can access and review templates in the Staging Library. 

Save to Staging

Typically the Staging Libary is used to store templates that are still in process or have yet to be approved. When the template is ready, it can be moved to your team library. 

Share a staged template with your team

Staged templates in your team Library are only visible to other administrators or team members with the appropriate role permissions to share templates. 

Draft Templates

A draft template is easily identified with the unfilled icon. Published templates have a solid, filled icon. 

Draft templates in your team Library are not visible to your entire team until they are marked as published

How to mark a draft template as published

1.) Tap on the checkmarks next to the templates you wish to publish. 

2.) Tap on the ... icon and select Mark Published. 

How to mark a published template as a draft

Published templates may be changed to draft at any time. This makes them no longer visible to your team or in your own library when selecting templates or composing an email. 

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