New Matches - Campaign “Wait For” settings

The Cloze Campaigns feature is included as part of the Cloze Business Platinum Plan

There are several types of wait options that can be automated with a Campaign. For example, a Campaign can automatically wait for a pause in the conversation or wait for a fixed amount of time before continuing to the next Campaign step.

Below you will find the "Wait For" campaigns settings for New Matches:

  • Include Matches
  • Match Sources

With a Wait for New Matches step, you can build campaigns to automatically send properties that match a buyer's criteria. Campaigns, like in the example below, will only trigger when new listings are found. Simply add this Campaign to 

New Matches Campaign "Wait For" Settings.

Tap on the + icon and select New Matches.

Include Matches

  • All - Created, Started, or Price Change
  • Newly Created - Based on the Created field
  • Newly Active - Based on the Start field

Match Sources

You can fine-tune the sources that are used for matching. For example, if you wanted to only use your MLS connection to be used for property matching you would select "Your Feeds".

Tip: When adding matches make sure your overall template embeds a complete matching template (personalized introduction and matching template found in the "Marketing Emails - Mail Re" category of the Template Library). 


  • Your Account - This source is any properties, sales, projects, etc. that you create in your Cloze account.
  • Feeds - This source is any feed of properties, sales, projects, etc. that are automatically fed into your account (like MLS listings). 
  • Your Team - This source is any properties, sales, projects available shared by your entire team.


  • Any - This option matches across all available sources including Your Account, Feeds, and My Team.
  • Account and Team - This option matches Your Account and My Team (but excludes your Feeds). 
  • Your Account - This option matches only to properties, sales, projects, etc. that you create in your Cloze account (and excludes your team and your feeds).
  • Your Team - This option only matches against your team (and excludes any feeds and your account)
  • Your Feeds - This option only matches against your feeds (and excludes your team and your account)

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