A/B Test - Campaign “Decisions” settings

The Cloze Campaigns feature is included as part of the Cloze Business Platinum Plan

There are several types of decision options that can be automated with a Campaign. For example, a Campaign could branch based on a lead source and provide different content for each decision branch. 

Below you will find the "Decisions" campaigns settings for  A/B Test:

  • Tags for A and B
  • Distribution

A/B testing is especially helpful if want to test the performance of a new email template or a completely new lead follow-up campaign. Cloze can split the between each branch of your A/B test. You can then divert some of your campaign activity down each path to test the results. 

In this example, the A/B test is testing whether texting or calling a lead first yields a better response rate. 

A/B Test Campaign "Decisions" Settings.

Tap on the + icon and select  A/B Test.

Tags for A and B

Add a tag that describes each of your test branches. 
This first time, this will randomly assign either the A or B tag to the associated contact or property. If the A or B tag is already present it will not be changed (i.e. A stays as an A over time, and vice-versa).


The Campaign can distribute automatically between the A and B branches so you can test which is working best and then focus on the top performer.

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